I wish it to be understood that it was not _my_ plan, but _theirs_, and that I am at any time willing to have the study card down once in half an hour, whenever a majority of the scholars, voting by ballot, desire it. The system which it describes is one, which gradually grew up in the institution under the writer's care. _ O Charles, do you believe we shall ever find the way out of this dreadful long wood? _Charles. But to proceed: "When the sun is exactly opposite to us, in the south, at the highest point to which he rises, what o'clock is it?" "When the sun is exactly opposite to us, can he be opposite to the Rocky Mountains?" "Does he get opposite to the Rocky Mountains, before, or after, he is opposite to us?" "When he is opposite to the Rocky Mountains, what o'clock is it there?" "Is it twelve o'clock here, then, before, or after it is twelve o'clock there?" "Suppose the river Mississippi is fifteen degrees from us, how long is it twelve o'clock here, before it is twelve o'clock there?" "When it is twelve o'clock here then, what time will it be there?" Some will probably answer "one," and some "eleven. , so as to become acquainted with them as early and as fully as possible;--for he must have this full acquaintance with them before he is prepared to commence any decided course of discipline with them. Is there discontent in the school? It shows itself by "_propositions_" in the wrapper. It commences at half past three and continues about half an hour. "A walk had been proposed for the afternoon, and as the hour drew near, Helen made preparations to accompany the party. It was to be called the Shopping Exercise. These nominations must be approved at a teacher's meeting, for if a scholar is inattentive to her studies, disorderly in her desk, or careless and troublesome in her manners, she evidently ought not to be appointed to public office.

Again the bell sounded;--'Some of you have lost the step,' said the general. "I do not expect it," said the teacher. * * * * * Such are the means to which I resort in endeavoring to lead my pupils appalacian trail massechuttes to God and to duty. EXCELLENCES OF THE SCHOOL. Resolve as deliberately as you please; but be sure to keep your resolution, whether a wise one or an unwise one, after it is once made. ) Do not hope or attempt to make all your pupils alike.

" The boys laughed. Are you not satisfied that it is?" The scholars universally answered, "Yes sir. She ought not to _have_ them there.

" "The next?" "John. 1. " "A little while. You fix upon no definite hour, on any definite number of mornings, only you are going to "_rise earlier_. John, do you take your books and go and sit out there by the window, and, Samuel, you come and sit here on this front seat,--and if I catch you playing again I shall certainly punish you severely. Children very easily detect hypocrisy. _ As the end appalacian trail massechuttes of the hour approaches, five minutes notice is given by the bell, and when the time arrives, the study card is half dropped for a moment before the closing exercises. ") composed of concentric circles, and radii diverging in every direction. "He is here now," said the teacher, winding up the interest and curiosity of the scholars, by these words, to the highest pitch. " "But I want to get my lesson now.

The great appalacian trail massechuttes prevailing fault of writers in this country, is an affectation of eloquence. He must appalacian trail massechuttes by some means or other attend to them in all their distracting individuality. Teaching him a lesson in history, is, on the other hand, only cutting down a tree or two for him. Something in the air and manner of one or both of them confirms this impression, and you take the necessary measures at once.

The business of teaching will appalacian trail massechuttes excite interest and afford pleasure, just in proportion to the degree in which it is conducted by operations of mind upon mind, and the means of making it most fully so, are, careful practice, based upon, and regulated by, the results of careful observation. After hearing that there was dissatisfaction, he brought up the subject as follows:-- "I understand, gentlemen, that you consider your lessons appalacian trail massechuttes too long. But the frankness, the openness, the plain dealing, and the kind appalacian trail massechuttes and friendly tone, which it is the object of the foregoing illustrations to exhibit, should characterize all. If a proper feeling on the subject of good discipline, and the formation of good character, prevails in school, many articles, which will have a great deal of effect upon the pupils, will find their way through such an avenue, once opened. _First Recess. A appalacian trail massechuttes small red morocco wrapper lies constantly on a little shelf, accessible to all. It is universal in its application. " It may be well, after appalacian trail massechuttes assigning a lesson to a class, to say that all those who do not distinctly understand what they have to do, may remain appalacian trail massechuttes after the class have taken their seats, and ask: the task may then be distinctly assigned again, and the difficulties, so far as they can be foreseen, explained. It is not right to call it a prejudice, for, although a single individual may conceive a prejudice, whole communities very seldom do, unless in some case, which is presented at once to the whole, so that looking at it, through a common medium, all judge wrong together.

This plan went on successfully for three months, and with very little diminution of interest. It is all done in a moment. This arises principally from thoughtlessness. And after all the cultivation which we can bestow, in this life, upon this mysterious principle, it will still be in embryo.

He has a right to do so. 40.

"More than once?" "Yes sir. RELIGIOUS appalacian trail massechuttes INSTRUCTION. If all should go out together, it is probable that some would be rude and noisy, and that others would come back tardy and out of breath. "Will the sun go towards, or from, the Rocky Mountains, after leaving us?" "How long did you say it takes the sun to go round the globe, and come to us again?" "How long to go half round?" "Quarter round?" "How long will it take him to go to the Rocky Mountains?" No answer. He will watch, with care and interest, the operation of the moral and intellectual causes which he sets in operation; and find, as he accomplishes his various objects with increasing facility and power, that he will derive a greater and greater pleasure from his work. If you doubt whether children can understand language, tell such a story as this, with ardor of tone and proper gesticulation, to a child only two or three years old; "I saw an enormous dog in the street the other day. Some are school-books on a new plan, which succeed in the inventor's hand, chiefly on account of the spirit which carried it into effect; but which in ordinary hands, and under ordinary circumstances, and especially after long continued use, have failed of exhibiting any superiority. resigns her office of copyist, as she is about to leave school. But when, on the other hand, he goes to his employment, only appalacian trail massechuttes to perform a certain regular round of daily work, undertaking nothing, and anticipating nothing but this dull and appalacian trail massechuttes unchangeable routine; and when he looks upon his pupils merely appalacian trail massechuttes as passive objects of his labors, whom he is to treat with simple indifference while they obey his commands, and to whom he is only to apply reproaches and punishment when they disobey; such a teacher never can take pleasure in the school.

The joyful sailor embarks on board of his ship, the sails are spread to catch the playful gale, swift as an arrow he cuts the rolling wave. Still, it is waste; and it ought to be so understood, that by the gradual perfection of the machinery, it may be more and more fully prevented. " "Nor I. He knew by this circumstance, that it was roguery, not accident, which caused the smoke. Every thing is not to be done in school. There may, alas! be some cases, where the use of the Scriptures is altogether forbidden in school. A cold and formal exhortation, or even an apparently earnest one, delivered in a tone of affected solemnity, will produce no good effect. Let nothing therefore which shall be said on the subject of scheming in this chapter, be interpreted as intended to condemn real improvements appalacian trail massechuttes of this kind, or to check those which may now be in progress, by men of age or experience, or of sound judgment, who are capable of distinguishing between a real improvement and a whimsical innovation, which can never live any longer than it is sustained by the enthusiasm of the original inventor.

Boys, like men, must be gradually prepared for power, and they must exercise it only so far as they are prepared. If they think for example, that we are deserving of credit for the neatness with which books are kept,--for their freedom from blots or scribblings, or dog's-ears, by which school-books are so commonly defaced, let them tell us so.

You will resolve to do a thing, without knowing with certainty whether it is even possible to do it. A large number of young persons of your age, and in circumstances similar to those in which you are placed perform with some fidelity their various outward duties, _but maintain no habitual and daily communion with God_. Classes. At the next recitation, they probably will be much better. appalacian trail massechuttes M. This is the part of our subject, which we now approach.

John is holding up his book high before his face, to conceal an apple, from which he is endeavoring to secure an enormous bite.

Either of these would secure success, unless the plan was a very bad one indeed. I do not mean, that each individual scholar must, every day, be examined; but simply that the teacher must, in some way or other, satisfy himself, by reasonable evidence, that the whole class are really prepared. Children very easily detect hypocrisy. The discussions are enlivened too, by meeting and removing such little difficulties, as will naturally come up, in such an investigation.

" "Subjects for such a report will be found to suggest themselves very abundantly, though you may not perhaps think so at first. " Morning comes and finds you sleepy and disinclined to rise. Administering reproof and punishment for offences as they occur. LIBRARIANS. " "Nor I.

(2. It does not appear to interest or please him at all. I employ you for a distinct and specific purpose, which has nothing to do with questions of government; and you ought not to allow your love of republican principles, to lead you to take advantage of the position in which I place you, and interfere with my plans for the political education of my children. " "Do you know what it is?" "No sir. Miss B.

They can count all who are here, and by observing the vacant desks, they can ascertain the number absent. Vernon School. " Three only, of the whole number, which consisted of not appalacian trail massechuttes far from 20, sat down. (d. Another teacher, hearing the same lesson, requests the boys to bring their slates, and as he dictates the words, one after another, requires all to write them. ' If such a measure as this is adopted, it should not be continued uninterrupted for a very long time.
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