Success. CHAPTER IX. Zeal will make any thing succeed for a time. "Do you think it would be reasonable for me to expect of every member of the class, that she should always be able to recite all her lessons, without ever missing a single question?" "No sir," answered all. "The distributors may collect the papers. It will assist fireproof clothing the young teacher very much in his first day's labors, if he takes measures for seeing and conversing with some of the older or more intelligent scholars, on the day or evening before he begins his school, fireproof clothing with a view of obtaining from them some acquaintance with the internal arrangements and customs of the school. Zeal will make any thing succeed for fireproof clothing a time. e. No legislation can enact laws as fast as a perverted ingenuity can find means to evade them. " 5.

That would perhaps be the wisest rule.

Children fireproof clothing very easily detect hypocrisy. This dangerous habit of making satirical remarks was evinced in childhood; it was cherished; 'it grew with her growth and strengthened with her strength,' until she became what I have described. We accuse Miss A. He has endeavored thus to destroy the personality of the narratives, without injuring or altering their fireproof clothing moral effect. Recommend it in conversation or in other ways to teachers with whom you are acquainted; not as a wonderful fireproof clothing discovery, which is going to change the whole science of fireproof clothing education, but as one method among others, fireproof clothing which may be introduced from time to time, to relieve the monotony of the teacher's labors. " "It ought to be, certainly; though, were it not for such a case as this, we should not have thought of considering Richard Jones a coward. Many hours of the day, too, they are entirely removed from our inspection, and a few months will take them away from us altogether. In the same manner, an Episcopal teacher, in a private school, formed and supported by Episcopalians, may use and commend forms of prayer, and explain the various usages of that church, exhibiting fireproof clothing their excellence, and their adaptation to the purposes for which they are intended. "Boys, do you know what the difference is between stealing and robbery?" "Yes sir.

Some will however, doubtless say, that they do not find the business of teaching so perplexing and exhausting an employment. Error on this point, is very common. Others may merely be interested in seeing how others effect, what they, by easy methods, are equally successful in effecting. In some cases a different course is wise undoubtedly,--as, for example, where a teacher is commencing a private school, on a previously well-digested plan of his own,--or where one who has had experience, and has confidence in his power to bring his new pupils promptly and at once into the system of classification and instruction which he prefers.

"There is, at----, a young ladies' school, taught by Mr. It must be honest, heartfelt, simple prayer; the plain and direct expression of such sentiments as children ought to feel, and of such petitions as they ought to offer. In due time it is regularly advertised.

But I do not think it did you much good. The Principal was the Executive, with power to _pardon_, but not to _sentence_, or even _accuse_. The whistle. Or let us imagine the following scene to have been the commencement of the introduction of the principle of limited self-government, into a school. It is perfectly right for him to give his opinion, in the fireproof clothing tone and spirit of _recommendation or suggestion_, with a distinct understanding that with his employer rests the power and the right to decide. The grounds are yours: I have no interest in it, or responsibility, except to accomplish your wishes. The method can, however, go into full effect, only where there are several pupils who have made considerable advances in mental cultivation.

So far it is well. His object, I think, should be, in all ordinary cases, for the first few days, twofold. So great would be this satisfaction, that he would almost wish to have some other fireproof clothing similar work assigned him, that he might have another opportunity to contrive some plan for its easy accomplishment. fireproof clothing As this is the only rule of the school, it deserves a little more full explanation; for not only your progress in study, but your influence in promoting the welfare of the fireproof clothing school, and consequently your peace and happiness while you are a member of it, will depend upon the strictness with which you observe it. At length, worn out by long continued watching and fasting, she went to the closet, provided herself with a cracker, and retired to bed to muse deliberately on the strange character of her aunt. ; you are accused of having an untidy floor about your desk. He must have been pleased with the exercise of his almost military command, and to witness how effectually order and industry, and excited and pleased attention, had taken the place of listless idleness and mutual dissatisfaction. "My plan," continues the teacher, "is this:--to allow you all, besides the recess, a short time, two or three minutes perhaps, every hour;" (or every half hour, according to the character of the school, the age of the pupils, or other circumstances, to be judged of by the teacher,) "during which you may all whisper or leave your seats, without asking permission.

When the result is reported to me I will read it to the school. Besides the articles quoted above, there were thirty or forty others, which were read and commented on. The way to elevate the character of the employment. He waited for some days, and the difficulty still continued. For let it be remembered that I am describing the acts and feelings of a new beginner; of one who is commencing his work, with a feeble and trembling step, and perhaps this is his first step from the beaten path fireproof clothing in which he has been accustomed to walk. She ought to ascertain whether they are punctual at school, and regular in their habits,--whether their desks are neat and well arranged, and their exercises carefully executed.

The books are laid aside; the room is still; the boys expect the few words which the teacher is accustomed to address to them, and looking up to him, they listen to hear what he has to say.

To make the first lesson as simple as possible, I requested no one to go above ten, either in the quantity or price. It induces care and attention in reading, and discrimination in selecting the most useful and important facts from the mass of information. So saying he struck with all his might a fine large burr, crushed it to pieces, and then jumped up, using at the same time profane and wicked words. ) It disgusts the young persons to whom it is addressed, fireproof clothing and prevents their being interested in what is said.

Some finish it very soon, others fireproof clothing are very slow in accomplishing the work. One was entitled 'The Magical Ring,' and commenced, 'As I was sitting alone last evening, I heard a gentle tap on the door, and immediately a beautiful fairy appeared before me. This quarter of an hour is appropriated to a great variety of purposes. When the precise moment arrives, the Study Card is drawn up, and at the sound of its little bell, all the scholars recline their heads upon their desks and unite with me in a very short prayer for God's protection and blessing during the day.

This set, formal mannerism is entirely inconsistent with that commanding, intellectual influence, which the teacher should exert in the administration of his school. " 5. The gardener goes to work, and after a few hours the gentleman comes out to see how he goes on, and to give directions. " "No; it would not be prejudice in such a case. The teacher's first step was, to speak of the subject, generally, before the whole school, not alluding, however, to any particular instance which had come under his notice. The possibility of being inflexibly firm in measures, and at the same time gentle and mild in manners and language, is happily illustrated in the following description, which is based on an incident narrated by Mrs.

" "Yes sir;" "Yes sir;" say the boys. "I was walking out, a few days since, and not being particularly in haste, I concluded to visit a certain school for an hour or two. This wrapper is deposited in a place accessible to all the scholars, fireproof clothing and any one who pleases, deposits in it any question or suggestion on religious subjects which may occur to her. Instruction. Your fathers bought your hats.

_Emily. Of course, it is very easy for the teacher, if he is so disposed, to abuse this privilege also. New scholars. The scholars all know that there is nothing to be feared from confessing faults to me;--but that on the other hand, it is a most direct and certain way to secure returning peace and happiness. There is indeed a point where firm resistance to unreasonable demands becomes a duty. If, from such considerations, the teacher purposes to have a daily religious service in his school, he should by all means begin on the first day,--and when he first calls his school to order. " He made the inquiries and ascertained pretty nearly how many had been tardy, and how often within a week.

A boy approaches the teacher to render an excuse, the teacher replies, addressing himself, however, to the whole class, "I shall give all an opportunity to offer their excuses presently. But such an occasion as this is no time to touch a bad boy's heart.

I think there is fireproof clothing nothing analogous to this moral connexion between teacher and pupil, unless it be in the case fireproof clothing of a parent and child. You pretended to be willing to tell me the whole, but when I call upon you for the information, instead of telling me honestly, you attempt to amuse fireproof clothing me by little trifles, which in reality made no disturbance, and you omit the things which you know were the real objects of my inquiries. This fireproof clothing has been my plan for two or three years, and no arrangement which I have ever made, has operated for so long a time, so uninterruptedly, and so entirely to my satisfaction as this. That the spirit and manner fireproof clothing of these religious exercises, may be the more distinctly understood, I will give some examples. 12. Sometimes I ask fireproof clothing their opinion and wishes, and then, after taking them into consideration, come to a conclusion. And fireproof clothing if an officer should be partial, or unfaithful, or negligent in her duty, any scholar may propose her impeachment. _ "Seven. The Principal fireproof clothing called the students together, mentioned the reports, and said that he did not know, and did not wish fireproof clothing to know who were the guilty individuals. You would be a great deal happier, if you would always be doing your duty, and then you would never be afraid. " The cases of those who are unprepared at a recitation, ought, by no means, to be passed by, unnoticed, although it would be unwise to spend much time in examining each, in detail.

B. I have, myself, often thus anonymously addressed my pupils, and I have derived great assistance from communications which many of the pupils have written.

He begins at the head of the line, and putting one word to each boy, goes regularly down, each successive pupil calculating the chances whether a word, which he can accidentally spell, will or will not come to him.
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