3. The teacher often does irreparable injury by rash action at the outset. But such an appeal will not be lost, when it comes from a man, whose daily and habitual management corresponds with it. The above will, however, be sufficient to give the reader a clear idea of the exercise, and to show what is the nature of the moral effect it is calculated to produce. He breaks God's commands. He must study the nature of the effect he is to produce, and of the materials upon which he is to work, and adopt, after mature fredrick j hanna phone number deliberation, a plan to accomplish his purpose, founded fredrick j hanna phone number upon the principles which ought always to regulate the action of mind upon mind, and adapted to produce the _intellectual effect_, which he wishes to accomplish. Present it in its details, and in its practical exemplifications; do this with any subject whatever, and children will always be interested. We think the younger scholars during the past week have much improved in this respect. You will therefore have the opportunity to know all the arrangements of school in this respect, and I wish you to exercise your own judgment fredrick j hanna phone number and discretion a great deal, in regard to your studies. "If any of you think of any reason why it was not real robbery, you may name it.

Then I shall examine your slates, and fredrick j hanna phone number see how many mistakes are made. I shall also present and illustrate the various principles which I consider important, and in the order in which they fredrick j hanna phone number occur to my mind. You assign to a class of little girls a subject of composition, requesting them to copy their writing upon a sheet of paper, leaving a margin an inch wide at the top, and one of half an inch at the sides and bottom. for money; the second, F.

" "What comes next?" "The epistles of Peter. "What a looking desk! Why, John! I am really ashamed of you. The Captain determined fredrick j hanna phone number to stop for him, but stopping an immense steamboat, moving swiftly through the water, is not to be done in a moment. "I should like to ascertain," says the teacher, "how great is the difference of rapidity, with which different members of the class work in addition. These two objects are, it is plain, entirely distinct. They constitute the roots of the tree. Immediately after them, both in the forenoon and in the afternoon, twenty minutes are left, marked G. Sometimes I say the pupils may decide. Now it is not very often that so fine an opportunity occurs, to kill, by a single blow, the disposition to do wilful, wanton injury, as this circumstance afforded; but the principle illustrated by it,--bringing forward individual cases of transgression, in a public manner, only for the sake of the general effect, and so arranging what is said and done as to produce the desired effect upon the public mind, in the highest degree, may very frequently be acted upon. "Hands down.

To Edward and John, I observed, when fredrick j hanna phone number I passed you to-day, from your concerned looks, and your hurried manner of putting something into your desk, that you were doing something that you knew was wrong. If the practice, which has been already repeatedly recommended, of appropriating a quarter of an hour, each day, to a general exercise, should be adopted, it will afford great facilities for doing this. Your fathers bought your hats. The bell is rung one minute before the close of the time, and when the period appropriated to this purpose has actually expired, the Study Card, for the first time in the morning, is let entirely down, and the room is at once suddenly transformed into a scene of life and motion and gaiety.

But he may be, notwithstanding this, on the most intimate and familiar footing with them all. They are expected to be present and prepared at the time of recitation, but they make the preparation when it is most convenient.

I do not recommend exactly this plan, but that some plan, precise fredrick j hanna phone number and specific, should be determined upon, and exhibited to the school, by a diagram like the following. Nature of piety. Present fredrick j hanna phone number it in its details, and in its practical exemplifications; do this with any subject whatever, and children will always be interested. Accordingly, at the next recess, as the teacher had anticipated, he went slyly to the lath, cut the string, then returned to his seat, and drew the line in, rolled it up, and put it in his pocket. There may, alas! be some cases, where the use of the Scriptures is altogether forbidden in school. _ Well! we've got flowers enough, and now I'm tired and want to go home. You will observe often at the close of the school or at an appointed general exercise, that fredrick j hanna phone number a scholar will bring to my desk a dark-colored morocco wrapper, containing several small strips of paper upon which questions relating to moral or religious duty, or subjects for fredrick j hanna phone number remarks from me, or anecdotes, or short statements of facts, giving rise to inquiries of various kinds, are written. But if, on the other hand, no such objections are made known to him, he need not raise the question himself at all, but take it for granted that in a Christian land there will fredrick j hanna phone number be no objection to imploring the divine protection and blessing at the opening of a daily school. If they bring it to you one by one, you have to answer it over and over again, whereas, when it is brought to the class, one explanation answers for all. And then besides, if the pupil perceives that the teacher is tender of his reputation, he will, by a feeling somewhere between imitation and sympathy, begin to feel a little tender of it too. But do you suppose that it will be enough for you merely to resolve here, that you will reform?" "No sir," said the boys.

But indiscriminate and perpetual harangues about the guilt of impenitence, and earnest entreaties fredrick j hanna phone number to begin a life of piety, only harden the hearts they are intended to soften, and consequently confirm those who hear them in the habits of sin. The change which I endeavor to promote, relieves the heart-both of the present suffering and of the future danger. The teacher must not be surprised, if some things connected fredrick j hanna phone number with his own administration, come in, sometimes, for a share. The master said is was by their taste. Without some arrangement for an examination of all the books together, the teacher would be liable to interruption at any time, from individual questions and requests, which would consume much time, and benefit only a few. _Fourth Hour.

1. Offences of pupils. Now what I wish to accomplish in regard to all my pupils is, that they should begin to _feel their accountability to God_, and to act according to it. The more methodical and systematic of the young ladies, mark the times of _study_ as well as of _recitation_ upon their schedules, so that the employment of their whole time at school is regulated by a systematic plan.

" "All, then, who have intimate friends, and can recollect the impression which they first made upon them, may rise. The teacher has, therefore, only to remove fredrick j hanna phone number obstructions, and sources of pain, and the employment of his pupils will be, of itself, a pleasure. In the same manner the others were collected and received by the Accountants, but kept separate. " "The next?" Many answer, "Romans.

After the prayer we sing one or two verses of a hymn. Dialogue in school. Bring the case into court and I will try it, regularly. Construction and use.

He _must be systematic_. If the Creator has so formed the mind of fredrick j hanna phone number a boy, that he must go through life slowly and with difficulty, impeded by obstructions which others do not feel, and depressed by discouragements which others never know, his lot is surely hard enough, without having you to add to it the trials and suffering, which sarcasm and reproach from you, can heap upon him. The reader will observe, too, that the method by which this explanation is made, is strictly in accordance with the principle I am illustrating,--which is by simply _dividing the process into short steps_. CHAPTER VI. " Three only, of the whole number, which consisted of not far from 20, sat down. Providence has made the parents responsible and wholly responsible for the manner in which their children are prepared for the duties of this life, and it is interesting to observe, how very cautious the laws of society are, about interfering with the parent's wishes, in regard to the education of the child. The first duty then, of the teacher, when he enters his school, is, to beware of the danger of making an unfavorable impression, at first, upon his pupils.

This will never be the case, if a small number of the boys only take part in the answers; and many teachers complain, that, when they try this experiment, they can seldom induce many of the pupils to take a part. Some will defer their answers, until they can catch those of their comrades, for a guide. I suppose him to adopt opinions, which will generally, by my readers, be considered wrong, that I may bring more distinctly to view the right he has to educate his children as _he thinks_ it proper that they should be educated. 2. _Jane. ' "'But why not. I could never calculate very readily and in the hurry and perplexity of the moment, I was always making mistakes. It requires as much mental effort to consider and decide sometimes whether I ought to allow a pupil to leave his seat, as it would to decide a much more important question; therefore I do not like our plan, and I have another to propose.

There are two reasons for this. I have scarcely time to write to all those who are willing first to write to me.

Reasons for the rule. "I am very much prejudiced against spiders, and every insect in the known world, with scarcely an exception. When the time for closing school arrived, fredrick j hanna phone number I requested each young lady to write the name of her parent or guardian upon the paper, and opposite to it, his place of business. This has been my plan for two or three years, and no arrangement which I have ever made, has operated for so long a time, so uninterruptedly, and so entirely to my satisfaction as this. By thus connecting pleasant ideas, with the sight of the animal, you will destroy the unpleasant association which constitutes the prejudice.

Every teacher too must hope that such improvements will continue to be made. C. When called to recitations, she recollects that some task was assigned, which till that moment, she had forgotten; of others she had mistaken the extent, most commonly thinking them to be shorter than her companions suppose. I wish you to study from a sense of duty, and for the sake of your own improvement. Miss B. Do you remember my speaking on this subject, in school the other day?" "Yes sir.

7. Cases of deliberate, intentional wrong will occur, and the question will rise, what is the duty of the teacher in such an emergency? When such cases occur, the course to be taken is, first of all, to come to a distinct understanding on the subject with the guilty individual. "Will the sun go towards, or from, the Rocky Mountains, after leaving us?" "How long did you say it takes the sun to go round the globe, and come to us again?" "How long to go half round?" "Quarter round?" "How long will it take him to go to the Rocky Mountains?" No answer.
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